My golf rangefinder

simmons_LRF_600_Laser_RangefinderHunting undoubtedly is one of the most exciting pastimes that anyone might take up.

It doesn’t only hone your precision skills, but is also highly rewarding offering you acquire trophies that can always bring fond recollections once you gaze at them.

One of several indispensable requirements for hunting is surely an unerring accuracy. This agreement end there are many rangefinders out there that can satisfactory facilitate for optimal precision in zoning in of targets.

The Simmons LRF 600 laser rangefinder actually is one of the exceptional types of the products, and will be offering an unmatched simplicity, critical functionality and furthermore, affordability.

Unlike most costly alternatives, this rangefinder has the just the vital features most hunters need of their operations, and is especially well suited for beginners. Want to know what the best rangefinder for golf is?

Let’s now take particular notice at many of the key options that come with this rangefinder.

In-view Liquid crystal display

The Simmons LRF 600 golf rangefinder comes with a in-view Liquid crystal display that offers bright, magnificent optics. Which allows a hunter to effectually and conveniently focus on virtually any target from an array of 5 to 600 yards.

This remarkably simplistic interface displays the precise distance coming from a target (with unbeatable +- 1 yard accuracy) in either yard or meters determined by the needs you have.

Laser technology

This rangefinder utilizes laser technology to emit an invisible and most importantly, eye friendly infrared energy pulses that significantly help in permitting that you accurately ascertain the actual distance between both you and your prey in very hassle-free manner. That’s totally unlike the majority of similar products available in the market.

4x optical magnification

The Simmons LRF 600 rangefinder includes a 4x magnification capacity, which because so many seasoned marksmen would readily appreciate can be quite ideal for close range hunting, specifically archers. This functionality facilitates for a close and highly detailed look at a target, enabling an elevated precision in drilling your prey.

Vertical construction

This system is surely a vertical style rangefinder, so that it is a lot less heavier small than most horizontally-styled alternatives. Which in essence means you are able to effectively tag it along wherever your hunting might lead you.


The Simmons LRF 600 rangefinder is run by a regular 9 volt alkaline battery which is easily available in a convenience store. As could be expected such batteries use a relatively average life, and it is always a good idea to carry spares if you are planning to do a prolonged hunt.

Safe from nature’s elements

Finally the product is very weather-tight which means you will never have to worry about using it in rough weather conditions. Moreover it’s built-in rain and reflection modes that could let you aim with precision even just in foul weather.

Noticably feature

The most notable feature in the Simmons LRF 600 rangefinder is its laser aiming functionality. Rendering it infinitely easier to zone in on targets a lot more efficiently and quickly than other similar solutions.


This rangefinder may not feature the advanced features, most costly alternatives include, nonetheless it still holds its in terms of unerring accuracy, portability and weather resistance. Should you be around the prowl to have an affordable, yet functional rangefinder this system fits that bill.

You can also use golf gps watches to do a similar thing.

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Headphones for watching television

headphones for watch tvSo a friend of mine came over to my house the other day and saw my wireless headphones that I use to watch tv, and he said, what’s the differenece between wireless and corded headphones?

To which I said  – there’s a lot of difference between the two.

So why get headphones to watch tv?

One of the most common reasons why most people buy wireless headphones as opposed to corded headphones is that you get unrestricted movement.

Meaning you don’t have to be sitting right in front of your tv because your cord only stretches 3 feet away.  I mean why do that, you might as well sit 3 feet away with the volume turned up.

But isn’t the sound quality bad?

Well, the sound quality is pretty much identical to that of corded headphones. The electrical components in the devices is the same as other headphones so it will operate the same, the only difference being how the sound is transmitted to the headphones.

How is sound transmitted?

Wireless headphones operate with two kinds of transmitters – infrared and RF transmission.

Infrared transmitters have a shorter range of transmission in your household, which means that it will work if you’re in the vicinity of your tv, but not so well if you good into another room.

If you want to be able to go into other rooms of your house while listening to your tv, then you can still do this, but with headphones that use RF transmission.

The range of RF transmitters can go up to 300 feet away from the transmitter. Which means that you can even listen to you tv out side while gardening.

coverjamappInterference With Other Devices

However, depending on what type of other wifi devices you have in the house the only draw back would be that it can get interference with other frequencies such as wireless phones or wireless speakers.

But most wireless headphones for tv also come with a frequency tuner, which means that if your default frequency creates interference then you have a number of other frequencies to choose from. wireless tv headphones

Listening to tv in the bedroom

One of the best places where wireless headphones come in handy is in the bedroom.

If you can’t sleep for instance – late at night – and you want to watch a bit of television without disturbing the rest of your household then wireless headphones are ideal.

All you have to do is switch it on and lay back and watch tv in bed.

Now just because these headphones are wireless doesn’t mean that they cost the earth. You can pick up some great headphones under 50 and enjoy the sound it gves you.


Weight Loss Through Electronic Ab Belts

flex belt scamSo a friend of mine made a new years resolution to lose weight and well like all my friends they will probably fall off the weight loss wagon.

Now I’m not saying that I’m the best at keeping to my new years resolutions either, band for some reason we all tend to just fall off the wagon.

I remember a friend of mine saying that weight loss is a fairly easy concept to understand and I’d have to agree with him, however it’s not an easy concept to implement on a long term basis.

I don’t know if it’s because we get bored of eating “rabbit” food or what it is, but sticking to a weight loss diet is hard.

So when my friend suggested that to check out this on the flex belt scam I had to take a look, because it was a way to do ab exercises without exercising them at all.

What I found what that there was technology that out there that will do a sit up for you. I know – like what.

So the idea is that you strap this thick belt on around you midsection and it start to contract your stomach muscle for you automatically, without you even thinking about it.

So in a way its like your muscles are contracting in the same manner as if you were thinking about contracting them, but withouyt the think.

So this basically means that you can be exercising your abs without even thinking about it.

So you can be watching a movies, or a youtube clip or even preparing dinner while getting an ab workout.

Now that’s pretty cool if you ask me.

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Fix your slow pc problems fast

download regcure pro keyOne of the biggest problems that a lot of people face with computer these days is that over time your pc can slow down more and more as time goes on.

Often this is becauseas you install new software products it updates your registry settings, which allows a program to separate dat files from files or dll’s that get used more often.

The registry settings are changed so that Windows knows what to do for certain aaaplications (ie.) whether or not they should load up certain dll files in memory so that the files are able to be accessed faster or to just access them off the hard drive.

So this is where the problem comes into play.

When you uninstall a software application, not all applications uninstall correctly and there can be many reasons why this can happen. One of them being that the application uses Windows files and as a result can not delte these files.

So what happens is that when Windows is loading up, it will try to source files that do not exist anymore and sometimes this can lead to Window looping infinite times.

This often results in the busy symbol showing up for long period of time, resulting in a slow pc.

But those problem days are over thank goodness. Thanks to software application like regcure license key code this type of problem becomes a thing of the past.

At the click of a button Regcure will fix all your registry errors without breaking a sweat. Which means that you don’t even have to know about all the complexity of figuring it out for yourself.

speedypc pro keyAnother PC Optimizer that could be useful is SpeedyPC Pro License. This software product works in a similar manner to Regcure Pro, however it has a few different features that makes it a really great product in its own right.

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Drivers for your pc

driver detective registrationOne of the biggests issues that you can face with an older computer that has been reformatted is finding the right drivers for it.

Because anyone who has done this before will know that your computer just won’t run as well if it has the wrong drivers.

Many people who have had to reformat their hard drives without having the original installation disks will know that sourcing the right drivers is a right pain in the arse.

Sure some driver will work and you may have a working computer, but you can do much better if you source the right drivers for your pc.

That’s where something like driver detective comes into play. It’s basically a softeare application that has a database full of drivers for specific pc’s.

But it has more than that, it will source the right drivers for the hardware component in your pc.

So why should you care about that?

Well simply put, most pc’s nowadays are built with hardware components that have been sourced from multiple manufacturers.

Which means that’ it’s not unusual for you to have a video card from a manufacturer that is different from the manufacture of the motherboard.

So sourcing drivers from one manufacturer say IBM, or HP is not always going to give you the best results.

So, if you’re looking to update your driver’s and feeling a little bit frustrated because you can’t find the right drivers then try driver detective key.

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